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KZN VIP PROTECTION SERVICES has a very specialized Investigation Division. The division comprises of highly trained investigators with an extensive informer-network. We make use of a computerized database on which all the raw information from the informer-network is captured. The information gets processed and analyzed to retrieve intelligent information.

The Division Manager and Analyst identify special projects to be launched in accordance with the intelligent information. Special projects require the involvement of the client in partnership with us in order to achieve maximum results. This enables us to be pro-active in our approach to a security solution.

The success rate achieved by this Division is phenomenal and successes includes tracing and apprehending of suspects involved in theft, fraud, robberies, surveillance of suspects, staff members/employees involved in theft of employer goods, identification of client employees operating in Syndicates to the detriment of their Company, tracing and arrests of persons responsible for high risk stock losses at client premises and so forth.

This Division also specializes in the following:

Vehicle Monitoring (Tracking) systems (Overt & Covert). Technical / Counter surveillance, on-going covert operations (utilizing under-cover agents, de-bugging, electronic monitoring, background verification and screenings / fingerprinting, polygraph examinations, fraud investigations (especially “white-collar” crime, probes tracing of missing persons and VIP Protection.

To compliment the KZN VIP PROTECTION SERVICES crime-combating program, the KZN VIP PROTECTION SERVICES crime line was initiated. The aim of the project is to provide an anonymous and objective channel that enables any person to report criminal activities or irregularities being planned or committed against the Client’s assets or interests. It can be used without fear of consequential victimization or intimidation from the persons involved in the reported misdemeanor. All calls are handled confidentially.